What I Do

What I Do

As a developmental coach

Certified STAGES Practitioner Partner
I am certified by STAGES International, Inc. to use the STAGES model of human development in my work with clients. I believe it is an comprehensive model that provides a detailed account of how people develop through their lives and through their engagement in the world.The STAGES model of human development was created by Terri O’Fallon PhD and is based on over 10 years of rigorous research, which is ongoing. STAGES Assessment is the survey tool through which an individual’s current level of development can be determined. We use the STAGES Assessment in our work with clients because of its precision and because it allows us to effectively support clients in their development.To attain my certification from STAGES International, I completed a rigorous course of training that included a period of supervision. I must also complete ongoing training requirements to maintain my certification. This rigorous process ensures that I have mastered the STAGES Model in my work with Clients. For more information about the STAGES model please visit the STAGES International, Inc. website: https://www.stagesinternational.com/.

I am qualified to assess people on the Stages Inventory and to debrief them afterwards. If you want to have an assessment. click here

I am certified to do developmental coaching. I can enable people to translate at the level they are at, transform to the next level  and integrate their shadow at all levels of development

As a Spiritual Guide

  • Learning to be true to oneself
  • Exploring spiritual traditions that are different from the one in which one grew up
  • Learning to prioritize according to your table of evaluations
  • Dealing with psychological blocks to getting a project done
  • Recovering the ability to trust after a bad experience
  • Transitioning from one mode of life to another
  • Approval issues e.g. needing to be liked all the time
  • Organizing a scattered mind
  • Integrating disowned psychological information
  • Learning to meditate in the John Main tradition
  • Learning to meditate in the Centering prayer tradition
  • Strategizing in relationships
  • Holding space for personal growth and development
  • Mental health and well being strategies
  • Psychological and spiritual maps for the journey of life
  • Preliminaries for the spiritual life
  • Certified Stages Inventory Debriefing.
  • Certified stages inventory assesor

As a Spiritual Facilitator

  • Transformative workshops using images as a vehicle of inquiry
  • Reflective exercises exploring spiritual stages of development
  • Reflective exercises exploring spiritual states of being
  • Theoretical lectures with accompanying exercises exploring different aspects of spirituality, e.g. Foundational exercises, Awareness

Online Spiritual guidance

I have the facility to do online spiritual guidance through Skype or Zoom so if you are not in Dublin you can still avail of spiritual guidance with me.

What I Do Not Do

I do not deal with Clinical illnesses, e.g. clinical depression, clinical anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar or personality disorders, ADHD.

I do not teach religious studies from any tradition. If you want to explore how any particular teaching impacts you spiritually then that I can facilitate. However I am not a teacher of religion.

Recommendation for Anxiety Sufferers

If you suffer from anxiety or anger management issues I recommend the Recovery method. You can find more information at http://recoveryireland.ie or internationally at https://www.recoveryinternational.org

Contact / Location

Contact info

Address: 79 Kinvara Road, Dublin 7
Phone:  +353 (0) 86 192 2042
Email:  joey@spiritualguidance.ie

Integral Life Practice

Coming soon.

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