What I Do

What I Do

As a Spiritual Guide

  • Learning to be true to oneself
  • Exploring spiritual traditions that are different from the one in which one grew up
  • Learning to prioritize according to your table of evaluations
  • Dealing with psychological blocks to getting a project done
  • Recovering the ability to trust after a bad experience
  • Transitioning from one mode of life to another
  • Approval issues e.g. needing to be liked all the time
  • Organizing a scattered mind
  • Integrating disowned psychological information
  • Learning to meditate in the John Main tradition
  • Learning to meditate in the Centering prayer tradition
  • Strategizing in relationships
  • Holding space for personal growth and development
  • Mental health and well being strategies
  • Psychological and spiritual maps for the journey of life
  • Preliminaries for the spiritual life
  • Certified Stages Inventory Debriefing.

Certified Stages Inventory Debriefing

If you are interested in discovering your stage of development in relation to your sense of self you can take a test here I can then debrief you on the results.

As a Spiritual Facilitator

  • Transformative workshops using images as a vehicle of inquiry
  • Reflective exercises exploring spiritual stages of development
  • Reflective exercises exploring spiritual states of being
  • Theoretical lectures with accompanying exercises exploring different aspects of spirituality, e.g. Foundational exercises, Awareness

Online Spiritual guidance

I have the facility to do online spiritual guidance through Skype or Zoom so if you are not in Dublin you can still avail of spiritual guidance with me.

What I Do Not Do

I do not deal with Clinical illnesses, e.g. clinical depression, clinical anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar or personality disorders, ADHD.

I do not teach religious studies from any tradition. If you want to explore how any particular teaching impacts you spiritually then that I can facilitate. However I am not a teacher of religion.

Recommendation for Anxiety Sufferers

If you suffer from anxiety or anger management issues I recommend the Recovery method. You can find more information at http://recoveryireland.ie or internationally at https://www.recoveryinternational.org

Contact / Location

Contact info

Address: 79 Kinvara Road, Dublin 7
Phone:  +353 (0) 86 192 2042
Email:  joey@spiritualguidance.ie

Integral Life Practice

Coming soon.

Events / Calendar